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The Post

The Post is a newspaper story, the true story of the Washington Post and the Pentagon Papers. It’s very timely and it reminds us we are not living through the first time an American President has gone after the press, nor the first time time a President has lied to the American people.

The film has Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks leading an excellent ensemble cast, but I would say it is Bob Odenkirk who really stands out in this film as an old-school reporter. Streep Plays Kay Graham, the Post’s publisher, who ran the paper during this period and through Watergate. One of the interesting things I hadn’t realized is how close Graham was to the high-level politico set in Washington and how she had come to terms with that and separate those relationships from the paper.

The Post is a very good film. It has a slower pace than we usually see these days and I like that. It takes us back to the Vietnam war and that is particularly interesting to me, having just visited Vietnam 40-some years after the “American War”.


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  1. I’ve gotten similarly good reviews. I was here at the time. Answering phones for NBC during Watergate come to that. Some of us don’t forget; reckon I need to see this.

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