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The Wedding Dress

Every now and then, when I least expect it, Tuffy P’s wedding dress makes a special guest appearance. The first time was on our honeymoon as we were getting ready for a 2 mile hike to La Manche in Newfoundland. There she was, wearing hiking boots and her wedding dress. Then years later, when we were wandering about the old monastery at Alcobasa in Portugal it appeared again for a photo opportunity. Along the way I forgot all about the dress. DSC01715.jpg

We were in Hue, visiting the Imperial City, just heading out with a special lunch ahead…..when Tuffy P said just a sec, I’ve got my wedding dress. And so to those who have been asking, here’s a photo of Tuffy P wearing her wedding dress over her street clothes in a gazebo in the Imperial City in Hue, Vietnam. Will we see it again? Who knows.

By the way, today is Tuffy P’s birthday!

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