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Tuffy P has been away on a business trip. She was supposed to arrive at Pearson early this evening. Then it was changed to shortly after midnight, then later and later and later. Now it is scheduled to land at 3:11 AM. By the time… Read More

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Tuffy P is off on a roadtrip in Quebec with our friend Toni. I’m at home with the partners, holding the fort, working my way through the job list that appeared by the computer. Well,┬áthe party work on the job list is well under way.… Read More

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Out for dinner with friends….

We enjoyed dinner out tonight with friends at Anatolia, a Turkish restaurant in the former Etobicoke, just a 10 minute drive north of where we live. It turned out to be an early birthday celebration for Tuffy P, whose birthday is actually this coming Sunday.… Read More