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Forked Deer

Sometimes I wonder if anybody out there looks at these posts or misses them if I’m not around. Today a great friend checked up on me. “You haven’t blogged for a couple days. Are you and Tuffy P OK?”. Oh yeah, we’re fine. I thought I’d give you all a break from the constant onslaught of Vietnam pics. Time for another musical interlude.

Here’s Spencer Branch performing Forked Deer. Forked in this case is a two syllable word, like Fork-kid. The tune is sometimes called Forky Deer or The Forky Deer.

Here’s Charlie Bowman, a version I found surfing about on the YouTube machine…

I know you’re thinking, hey more banjo action please. OK OK….here’s Adam Hurt. He’s a super-fine clawhammer player and quite a fiddler too.

One more….Edden Hammons on fiddle

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