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This is quite a February thaw we’re experiencing here in Toronto. It’s the worst time for dog owners and as you know, with two Newfs we have a lot of dog – wet, sloppy, muddy dog.

The snow has melted very quickly in the back yard, but I guess the ground is still frozen because there is some serious ponding going on out there. What a sloppy mess!


Our yard, which for much of the year is a beautiful spot in the universe to hang out, is a place to avoid just now. UPDATE: I think I saw a trout rise out in the pond. Maybe I should get the old fly rod out and take a few casts.

When it gets like this, I’m always reminded of a line from the Wade Hemsworth song, The Shining Birch Tree, when he sings “come the in-between seasons of the freeze and the thaw….” Here are Murray McLauchlan with Kate and Anna McGarrigle performing it (and yes I know, I’ve shared this one before, but you wanted to hear it again, didn’t you?)


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