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Real Estate Rant

Today I received a phone call from a guy from ReMax – as a courtesy he said (how thoughtful is that?) – to tell me in a nicely written script what the house next door sold for quite some time ago. Yesterday, another real estate guy came to my door. I asked these guys how they would feel if real estate people kept calling them at home. The guy who just called said, “pestered and disturbed?” Bingo. The guy yesterday rang the bell while I was practicing fiddle. I confess he got me going in a full blown enough is enough already type rant, which must have been pretty loud because one of the neighbours from across the street walked over to check out the action.

I get that Long Branch has been the Klondike Gold Rush over the past couple years, with lots of people chasing after the greasy buck. However the odds we are going to cash out and sell our home to some bottom-feeding, lot-splitting builder are less than zero. So please stop calling. Now. Take me off your list.



  1. I know what you mean being interrupted in your own space by pushy , marketing folk ! How would you like to be strolling down your street year in and year out, week after week–nice weather– by “volunteers” (they need to build up volunteer hours for their school, etc) not only hailing you down but looking at you as if you are mean when you politely decline having to listen to yet another spiel about Greenpeace…Wildlife or you name it!! We choose where our donations go and are actually going on an important mission(timed) when we head out… “enough is enough” as you say! We also attempt an alternate side of the street to return to our place but they also move strategically! Condos don’t get door to door soliciting at least! Life is tough in the fast lane:-)!

    • I appreciate that they want to make a living like everyone else, but do they really think they are the only one out cold calling people….and moreover do they think after pestering someone that person is going to be inclined to do business with them?

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