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Our 17 month old Landseer Newf Ruby, or Rubiska as we often call her (the black and white dog in the picture) has been having a problem with her back leg(s) for about a month. We had some x-rays taken and our vet suggested we have a specialist look at them. We attended the specialist’s clinic today.

Ruby has torn both cruciate ligaments in her back legs. This is a problem Newfs are genetically predisposed to. Memphis had the same problem which we had corrected by surgery. The plan is to do the same for Ruby. We have pet insurance and we’ve asked for a pre-approval. For Memphis, they covered 90% of the costs, which was a relief because dog surgery is expensive.

I have to take Rubes for blood-work tomorrow morning and then on Tuesday she’s scheduled to get the left joint fixed. This kind of surgery for dogs is very successful and generally they are able to run around normally once they heal up. We will likely have to get the right one done at some point in the future, but one step at a time. She will be restricted to very short leash walks for two weeks after which walks will increase to 3 twenty minute walks each day to strengthen things up.


  1. So glad the surgery option is a good one. I just went through very risky surgery with our coonhound. We didn’t know if she’s survive having her cancerous kidney removed but she did. I wrote about it as she is such a beloved character in my blog and in real life. Good luck with your gorgeous dogs. Big dogs do tend to have issues little dogs don’t. My 100 pound grand dog had his acl replaced and it’s 8 weeks recovery and then rehab and next year having the other one done. Luckily they are wise like you and have insurance. We didn’t and now have a million dollar dog. Well sort of.

  2. Great to bump into you and Ruby yesterday on one of her short walks–but even better to hear she will be feeling much better soon after both legs are looked after! She is a big girl and lucky to have the parents she has!!

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