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Possum Hunting

Regular visitors to this oasis in the cyber-swamp know that our Newf Ruby is on restricted duties, awaiting surgery Tuesday for her torn cruciate ligament. That means she stays back while big brother Georgie goes for walks. She isn’t happy about this arrangement. Consider that we call them The Partners. They go everywhere together and they’re pretty much inseparable.

This evening I leashed up George and we headed to the front door. “You stay here, Rubes.” That’s what I said. Ruby followed to the door. Clearly she wanted to come. I explained she had to rest but she wasn’t impressed.

George and I headed down the front steps, down the path and were two houses down the street when Wonder Woman Ruby burst through the front door. “I’m coming George,” and she was. She has trouble going up steps right now but going down them, no problem. I turned George around and we met up with Rubles making her way down the sidewalk  in front of our house.

I walked The Partners back up the path to the house, opened the gate to the back yard, and sent them through. The plan was to have Ruby go up the ramp to the deck and in through the sliding doors. Suddenly I see a cat run by and then I hear Tuffy P from the deck door, “there’s a possum on the deck, there’s a possum on the deck,” and there was. The possum exited the deck over the side, with a cat in chase…..just as Rubiska hobbled into the back yard and came nose to nose with it. I don’t think either of them knew what to do next.

By the time I caught up with Ruby, the possum had exited stage left. Ruby was triumphant, full of beans, even though she was on the limp. I love her spirit. She’s not one to let an injury get her down.

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