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Chip Taylor at Hugh’s Room

Chip Taylor is a phony name, to use his expression. He made it up when he was in the rock ‘n’ roll business. James Wesley Voight grew up Yonkers NY, but his family had radio and he discovered country music, which became his love.  We’re familiar with the period of his work when he performed with Carrie Rodriguez, records like The New Bye & Bye and Let’s Leave this Town. Maybe you know him because he’s the guy who wrote Wild Thing and Angel of the Morning or maybe because he has a famous actor brother.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 7.29.20 AM.jpg

Chip Taylor played a wonderful show at Hugh’s Room tonight, accompanied by bass player Tony Mercadante, along with Taylor’s own guitar, a harmonica in a rack, and loads of stories about the songs and his own life as a songwriter, performer, and for a time, professional gambler –

Sometimes the songs start as stories and they’re songs before you realize it happened. Taylor’s approach to performing is understated, often laid back, often tender. He’s 77 now and has just released a great new collection of songs called Fix Your Words. Tonight’s show featured a mix of new and old, famous and obscure.

Here’s a video from YouTube – one of the songs Chip Taylor performed at the Hugh’s Room show.

Great show.


    • Sorry Bill. As soon as we heard he was coming to town we ordered up tickets. I highly recommend his just released recording Fix Your Words. It’s magical. I could listen to it all day.

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