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Not spring yet…

It was a beautiful day today, but I’m not ready to call spring yet. Yes I know the red-wings blackbirds have arrived. The sparrows in the back yard have started nesting. That’s all good but it’s not spring. First of all, there are still snowy owls hanging around the hood. One of our friends saw one perched on the chimney of the yacht club today. Aren’t they supposed to fly back up north when winter is over, and eat lemmings or something like that? Speaking of the yacht club, the other marker for spring around here is the day the big crane shows up and they start moving all the yachts from dry-dock into the harbour. When I see that, I think OK it’s official, spring has arrived. Stuff can start growing now and all the other spring events can get going in earnest. For now, it’s pretty nice out there for a late winter day.

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