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Sourdough pizza

Here in Toronto, thin crust pizzas are popular, and apparently “authentic” especially if made in a wood-fired oven. That’s not the pizza I made today. I decided to try using my sourdough monster for pizza. The other idea I wanted to try out was making pizza in a cast iron skillet. IMG_8950.jpg

Both ideas worked out just fine. Crust was fairly thick with a nice chew, great flavour, and a bit of crispiness on the bottom.


  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    Those thin crispy crust pizzas are like eating a pepperoni topped credit card. If you want pizza it needs a nice thick crust and lotsa toppings. I like the look of what you made although Im a meatetarian so I would have used twice as much pepperoni. Being a meatetarian isnt for everyone, it takes a personal commitment and dedication.

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