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Spring is in the air

Hopefully the ice storms are behind us and the spring we’re feeling today is real. We spent much of the day cleaning up the gardens, and even though we only made progress on the front, it really was progress and the gardens up front are beginning to look alive.

One quick way to celebrate some nicer weather is to add pansies. IMG_9019.jpgThey provide an immediate shot of colour and they’re pretty much indestructible. I topped up the potting soil in the barrel beside the book box and we got that mini garden near the street going.

It’s nice to have a place to sit in the font garden so I set up a couple benches, and when that was done, I planted an old pillar. For now we have some flowers on top, but I think eventually we’ll put a nice birdhouse up there.

Our neighbour to the south lost a spruce tree on his property a few weeks back. I feel bad that he had to cut down the unstable tree, but on the positive side, the whole area on the south side of our property is now decidedly sunny. In fact it’s the sunniest area we’ve got. We’re going to take advantage of that with more containers, more tomatoes, some hot peppers and a few other things. We even planted some lettuce and onions in the cement train garden.



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