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The Veggie Garden

We can grow tomatoes and chilies at our place as a result of increased sun due to building next door a few years ago. I’ve made the little strip of land between our walk and the neighbour’s place our little farm, with several veggies, all… Read More

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Yesterday, I planted garlic for harvest next July. I planted garlic cloves in various spots in the garden. Two or three here. Three or four over there. Each autumn the temperature drops enough to remind me it’s time to get things around the yard ready… Read More

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Our garden has been so generous this year. Unlike in much of the country, we’ve had plenty of regular rainfall in Southern Ontario this season and I think that has helped a lot. Each morning I go out and pick what is ripe. At this… Read More

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First Planting

My seed order arrived from the good folks at Stokes yesterday, a few green veggies which I grow in big containers in the sunny strip beside our front walkway. Among them is a veggie I love but have never grown. It’s known as Chinese broccoli… Read More

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Drying Tomatoes

Right now we have a lot of tomatoes from our. We’ve been eating plenty, and giving away quite a few too. This morning, I decided to dry a batch. This is actually the second batch I’ve dried this season. I took the first ones with… Read More