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This year we had a very successful garlic crop – in our front yard. Last summer, I visited my friend East Texas Red near Perth Ontario, where we went to the Perth Garlic Festival. There I bought a few different varieties for planting. I talked… Read More

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The June Garden

We’ve been working on the garden quite a bit, in preparation for the June 22 Long Branch Garden Tour. I enjoy the fact that gardens are never finished. They change with the season and they change from season to season. Here’s a few photos of… Read More

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Veggies in containers

We used to have raised veggie gardens out back. That was fine for lettuce and onions and peas and a few other things, but it just doesn’t get enough sun for a lot of veggies. When the house to the south of us was rebuilt,… Read More

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Korean Pine

Here at 27th Street, we have quite a few trees, most of which were planted at some point far and away before we arrived on the scene. The notable exceptions are our Shishigashira Japanese Maple up front and the “Cherokee Brave” flowering dogwood we planted… Read More