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The Old Man

Shadow, AKA The Old Man, was at the clinic today for some extensive dental surgery. His teeth were in rough shape and he needed several extractions. I know from our experience with Jerry a few years ago, what a huge difference it can make to a cat’s quality of life to have these dental issues addressed. Hopefully this dental work with contribute to enhanced comfort for him through his senior years.


Shadow with his friend George

As usual, the crew at Long Branch Animal Clinic did a fantastic job. We’re really fortunate to have such an excellent clinic in our community. I expected Shadow would still be groggy from today’s drugs and anesthetic, so I brought him upstairs to his fave sofa and let him out of his carrier up there. Shadow, however, would have none of that. He hopped off the sofa and immediately explored the house, touched base with the other cats and the Newfs, and headed for the kitchen in search of a snack. He ate some wet food, and later on tonight, he ate some more, this time laced with some yummy pain-killer.

Shadow is one of the two cats in our home who are on “Team Eugene”. The rest are all squarely on “Team Tuffy P.” When I got back from tai chi class tonight, I joined Tuffy up in the room we call the tree-house, to watch an episode of The Fall. Clearly glad to be at home with the gang, The Old Man settled in on my lap for a lengthy purring and cuddling session.

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