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Who says there’s no free lunch?

As some of you are aware (it isn’t something I usually write about here), I’ve been trying to shed some pounds. I was doing ok until I broke my ankle a couple years ago, then spent a few months getting not nearly enough exercise and eating way too much good food, packing on more than a few pounds in no time flat. I figured it was time finally to get rid of it, and I’ve been doing pretty well, having lost close to 40 pounds in the last 3 months. Of course losing weight has never been nearly as difficult for me as keeping it off. You know that story.

Anyway, losing weight doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy food, really. It just means making sounder choices along the way, and I’ve learned that I have to find a way to occasionally treat myself to something I really like. About once each week I trundle off to one of our local Pho joints for either a big bowl of pho or some bun cha. That was today, and I totally enjoyed my soup.

Next stop was that really nice fish store on Vansco Road, where I bought a haddock fillet, then off to the No Frills for cat litter and a few other things. Our local No Frills is one of those stores where you have to insert a loonie to release a shopping cart, which you get back when you return it. I inserted the coin and pulled out the shopping cart, and what did I see? Somebody left their iphone in the shopping cart.

I held it up. Anybody leave their phone in their cart? No response. In the store, I took it to the cashier at the express aisle. I figured whoever misplaced it would be back. Then I wandered through the store doing my shopping. I was in the produce section, looking at some remarkably good shiitakes, when I heard, “excuse me, did you by chance find an iphone?” “I did indeed. You can pick it up at the express aisle.” Off he went, and I assumed that was the last I’d see of him.

A few minutes later, I’m at the cashier, my wallet is in my hand, and I’m pulling out my debit card, when the fellow who lost then found the phone comes through the line-up. I didn’t notice him until I felt something and realized he just stuffed a $20 bill in my hand. “Buy yourself a couple beers on me.” “Hey wait, you didn’t have to do that.” Obviously in his mind it was the right thing to do, so I just said “Cheers!” and he was off.

I didn’t need any reward for securing the fellow’s phone. I’m just happy he was able to retrieve it. I appreciate the gesture though, and I understand where he was coming from. Losing a phone has got to be a huge problem, and possibly an expensive one too.

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