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Dried tomatoes part II


My tomato drying test has been very successful. They take a long time to dry in my dehydrator – 2 nights – maybe if I were using Roma-type tomatoes it would be quicker. On the other hand, they are substantial and very tasty. They retain their colour nicely. Overall, I’m totally pleased with the results and will dry more batches  of these as I have a tomato surplus.


  1. I haven’t thought that far ahead yet. I’ve been enjoying them as tasty and healthy snacks. We’ve been really enjoying the veggie garden this year – lettuce was great, and kale and zucchini….now we’re getting tomatoes each day and cucumbers and hot peppers. Onions. Basil, mint, sage, Vietnamese cilantro. Eggplants and beets are coming along. Garlic is harvested.

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