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Who makes up all these national and international special days?

I just heard on the radio Sunday will be International Dog Day. Whoever invented this obviously doesn’t have dogs in their lives, as any old fool who has a dog snoring away in the background knows each and every day is International Dog Day. Yes, it’s also International Cat Day all the time around this joint too.

I can’t handle all these special celebrations. I’m still recovering from the wild and crazy parties on International Left-handers Day. It seems as if every day is something. Maybe every day IS something. I turned to Mr. Google. After all, if it’s on the interwebs it has to be true, right? Of course Wikipedia has an overflowing list of minor secular observances, from World Day of the Sick, to National Wear Red Day to World Maleria Day, National High Five Day, Honesty Day, International No Diet Day, and World Turtle Day. Let’s not forget Global Wind Day, Take Your Dog to Work Day, World Wide Knit in Public Day, Pi Approximation Day, Ask a Stupid Question Day, and World Toilet Day. This isn’t even touching on the special weeks, the special months, years and even decades.

For me, every day is a new adventure without the special designation. It’s World Next Day of Your Life Day. Let’s celebrate.


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