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Storm King photo-walk

It’s difficult to convey the scope of the Storm King Art Center. There is simply so much there and from different areas of the grounds you see the sculpures in different ways in relation to the landscape around them. I snapped quite a few pictures while I was there, and posted a bunch of them from my phone on Instagram and Facebook, but I thought a larger photo-collage would better give a sense of what the place is like.

I didn’t make any attempt to label the photos. Sculpture lovers will easily identify some of the artists. When I visited Storm King, I was among the first visitors of the day, and as I drove up to the Museum Hill parking area, I was somewhat overwhelmed. I went into the indoor museum first and talked to some of the staff there, trying to figure out a way to approach the grounds. As I started walking the grounds, using the map to help get oriented, I began to get a feel for the different areas.

I managed to cover most of the grounds on my visit. At one point, after walking for hours, I was back up on Museum Hill and realized I had missed a couple major works at a far corner of the grounds. Back down the hill I went and it was worth the additional walk. When I had arrived in the morning, I laughed at the elevator which takes visitors up to Museum Hill from the meadows below, but I was dog-tired (and sweaty….it was very warm and humid) by the time I got back there and welcomed the lift up.


  1. It’s in the Hudson Valley, near Newburgh NY. If you ever go, also plan a day at Dia:Beacon, which is just across the Hudson in the town of Beacon. Both are world class. Storm King has 500 acres of sculpture and as you can see from the photos, some of it is massive. The collection of Mark De Suvero’s work is spectacular and that’s just a small part of it. There’s also an indoor museum. There is a tram that you can use to help get around and they also rent bicycles, but I walked (and walked and walked and walked).

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