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Green Tomatoes

We’re closing in on winter. Down at the bottom end of Sam Smith Park, the yacht club people have the big cranes out and they’re yanking all the boats out of the harbour for the season. That is, except for the one or two wacky folks who keep their boats in there, covered in plastic, all winter. DSC08537

The trees are turning colour and some have already turned. The last tree to change on our street will likely be our Shishigashira Japanese Maple, which holds out to the bitter end, then changes to a beautiful scarlet red before dropping its leaves.

The veggie garden is coming to an end, and as usual there are still many green tomatoes on the plants. I could try to ripen as many of these as possible, but I prefer to deal with this last batch of green tomatoes by roasting them.


I slice them up on a baking sheet. After I took the photo above, I added a sliced up an onion and added a few hot chilies to the mix, then drizzled everything with some olive oil. I seasoned this mix simply with salt and pepper, and roasted it all down in the oven. I filled two of these baking sheets. Green tomatoes are best when you roast them to the point at which everything is caramelizing nicely.

Roasted green tomatoes freeze well in plastic containers or even in bags, for use later in the winter. Here’s a suggestion for using them. Brown some chicken thighs in a pan, then add lots of roasted green tomatoes + some water. Season however you like. Cook the chicken in this mix on the stove-top. As the chicken becomes fully cooked, the cooking liquid will thicken up. Try this served on some red cargo rice. It’s delicious.

Meanwhile, I’m dehydrating some apple rings in a new/old dehydrator. My neighbour across the street offered me a dehydrator she had kicking around but doesn’t use. It’s a better one than the one I’ve had for years. On this one you can adjust the temperature. My old one only has an on-off switch. I wanted to see how well this unit works so I’m trying it out with a batch of apples. My main use for a dehydrator is mushrooms. Foraging is often a feast or famine proposition, and when it’s good, I often come home with way more mushrooms than I can eat. I like to dry some for soups and stews in the winter.

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  1. I grew up with lots of extra green tomatoes from my family’s large backyard–and they were devoured well before winter! Fried green tomatoes on homemade toast–amazing! So when I see green tomatoes at the market or elsewhere–I buy them!!

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