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Bowling Coach

Tuffy P and I volunteer for a 5-pin bowling league called The Tri-Hards. The bowlers, all adults, have various challenges and disabilities. The league has been going for many, many years, and some of the bowlers have been getting together to bowl for 20 years or more.

Initially the volunteer role was scorekeeper, but that changed this season. 5-pin bowling alleys here in Toronto are disappearing to make room for yet more condos. We used to meet at the Bowlerama on Dundas in Etobicoke but with the demise of that joint, we’ve moved to the one way up on Rexdale near Kipling. This place has automatic scorekeeping. This eliminates the need for scorekeeping but volunteers are still needed to make sure everybody bowls in order, and bowls the right number of balls, as well as to deal with any issues which might come up with the bowlers (some are higher functioning than others). Us volunteers are still usually referred to as “the scorekeepers” but yesterday I received a Christmas card from one of the guys on my team, addressed to “Bowling Coach Eugene”.

Yesterday was the Tri-hards Christmas Party. Instead of just meeting to bowl, yesterday, all the bowlers and volunteers enjoyed some bowling alley food for lunch (choice of burger and fries, hot dog and fries or grilled cheese and fries). One of the volunteers knitted a toque as a gift for each of the bowlers. What a fantastic thing to do!

Tuffy P got involved with the Tri-hards well before I did and after a while told me they needed more scorekeepers and asked me to volunteer as well. I have such a great time doing this. The bowlers are a great bunch of people and they have a ball on bowling days.

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