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Cold outside cold inside?…..

Our old furnace is just that – old. But it’s been serviceable. Our nephew Terence is in the heating/air conditioning business and he’s been suggesting over the past two or three years that it might be time to get a new (and more efficient) one. Of course it’s never a good time for a big cash outlay, is it, and it’s been working so we once again said, let’s try to get it through another winter.

Then came yesterday. Intense cold. It started with a water main break up the street causing Twenty Seventh Street to flow like a river. Our water was out for much of the day. As I type this there is still a crew at work performing whatever magic they have to do to restore balance in the universe.

Next, out furnace crapped out. Terence came by and messed around with it and got it working again but that turned out to be a temporary condition. We decide to bite the bullet and get a new unit rather than pump cash into a furnace at the end of its natural life. This will cause outdoor temperatures to rise significantly, right? In any case, we need a working furnace, and the new one should be reliable for many years to come.

Speaking of reliable, allow me to give my nephew Terence a plug. Reliable Heating & Cooling.

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