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Slow George

Between the ice and the salt, winter is hard on paws. Last week both Ruby and George developed raw paw pads. On Saturday morning though, George couldn’t put any weight at all on his front right paw. Now George is a big boy, and not having the use of a front paw is a big deal for his mobility.

With George and Ruby

We cleaned the paw and we rested him in the hopes that over the weekend he would heal up. This morning he was still having difficulty, so I arranged an appointment with the vet. Fortunately we have a “help-em-up” harness from Ruby’s knee surgeries so I got that fitted on George so I could help him into the car. We have a ramp so I set that up, then helped Georgie out of the house and into the car. He was fortunately very cooperative. I don’t know if he realized we had to go to the doctor if it was all about his love for car rides. The important thing is I got him to the vets with no difficulty.

His temperature was a bit high and his paw swollen. The first thing the vet suggested is we treat for infection, so he’s on a round of antibiotics along with metacam for pain and inflammation. She also took some blood to do a Lyme disease test. If he’s still having difficulty in a few days, the next step will be x-rays. Hopefully, the antibiotics will help and George will be his usual self soon.

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