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Playing with others

I’ve been mostly a front porch banjo player. Sure, I’ve been to some banjo camps and jammed a lot at a couple festivals, but until recently I haven’t been playing music with others on a regular basis. That is changing.

For the past few months, I’ve been playing old time music with Ted Myerscough on guitar. We’ve worked up a couple dozen tunes and have had a great time doing so. Recently Ted set up a session with a fiddler, Isabel Fryszberg. Not only can Isabel fiddle up a storm, she’s also a guitarist, songwriter and singer, and a painter too. This morning I’ve been listening to her excellent recording, Hearts and Arrows. Here she is with her band, The Uncommons, performing Cry Cry Darling.

Ted and I have had two sessions now with Isabel. She can fiddle most of the tunes we’ve been playing, she picks up others remarkably quickly, and she’s introduced us to some other excellent tunes I’ve never tried to play before (I’m already working on those).

I was having a great time playing music with a guitarist. The sessions we’ve had with Isabel have been even more fun as we have the 3 instruments working together to create the groove. I hope we have many more opportunities to play tunes together.

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