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Five years ago today

Five years ago today, Sheila (AKA Tuffy P here on the blog), donated a chunk of her liver to an anonymous recipient. I recall the process leading up to the surgery. There were tests galore, and lots of appointments, as they wanted to make sure she was a good candidate to do this. They asked her, right up to the time of the surgery if she was certain she wanted to go through with it. It was, after all, major surgery. Sheila was so confident, certain this was the right thing for her to do, certain she would get through surgery and recovery without issue. “We have the best team in the world”, she told me. I was the one who was nervous.

She did in fact recover remarkably quickly, using only about half of the pain meds the doctors supplied her with. I’m sure her incredibly positive attitude contributed to this speedy recovery. The remarkable thing about the liver is that it starts to regenerate very quickly after this surgery and within a couple months, much of the chunk of her liver she donated had regenerated.

Sheila provided a liver to an anonymous recipient. Not many people would do that, but Sheila is a remarkable person in so many ways! Many months after the surgery, she received a letter from the recipient, but since that time we have no idea how that individual is doing. The important thing is Sheila gave someone another opportunity at life.

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  1. Anonymous

    Sheila is an exraordinary person in so many ways. I am honored to know her. Big hug

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