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Squeeze Box Man – reinvented

Some regular visitors to this little oasis in the blog-swamp may have read my Lazy Allen Stories (now available in paperback and for Kindle on Amazon as Squeeze Box Man – The Lazy Allen Stories). I’ve been working with Jacob Yerex to reinvent these stories in a completely different format – as comic books.

Lazy, Staashu and the whole gang will soon be coming to life in a series of comic books

We’ve been doing a lot of planning, trying to figure out how to represent the characters and stories in this format. The plan for the first issue is to deal with the first 3 stories in the book, plus one brand new story as well as a shorter vignette, focusing on Lazy’s character.

Broadly speaking, Jacob is responsible for the artwork and I’m responsible for the narrative arc, dialog and new stories. The plan is to produce the premier issue as a comic book, with colour cover and black & white art inside.

This project came about after Jacob read the stories. He suggested they would really work well in graphic novel format. This made perfect sense to me. After all, polka accordion players really are superheros, aren’t they? I would say at least 2/3 of the necessary work has already been accomplished for issue number one. Stay tuned for more details.

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