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Coming Soon!

Fans of Squeeze Box Man have been asking me, where’s Issue #3? Fear not gentle readers, our 3rd issue will be ready to go to print soon. Here’s a taste!

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Criminal: Coward

Since I’ve been writing a graphic novel based on my short-short stories, I’ve started reading other comics aimed at a literary or adult audience (see my recent review of American Splendor by Harvey Pekar) The most recent of this is the first of the Criminal… Read More

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R&D at Nite Owl

I’m continuing to work on the Squeeze Box Man graphic novel with Jacob Yerex, who has been magically bringing my characters to life. I’m finding it creatively invigorating to work on this project collaboratively. Jacob has a great understanding of these characters and his excellent… Read More

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It’s just a rumour….

Now that the first issue of Squeeze Box Man (the graphic novel) is out, Jacob Yerex and I have been working hard on getting Issue #2 to press as soon as possible. There is a rumour going around, and it’s just a rumour, you understand… Read More

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Squeeze Box Man is here!

I’ve been working with Jacob Yerex on a graphic novel (in 6 issues) based on my little book of stories: Squeeze Box Man: The Lazy Allen Stories. We’ve just got Issue 1 back from the printer, and I’m really charged up about it. We’re aiming… Read More