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Squeeze Box Man – update

I’ve been working with Jacob Yerex on the graphic novel, Squeeze Box Man. It’s based on my book of stories of the same title, but it is going to have plenty of new material as well. Jacob is doing the illustrations and I’m doing the writing. We’re working together with regular discussions on story arc, direction, character development and other aspects of the project. We seem to share similar ideas about what these stories and these characters are all about so we’re moving along with the project at a good pace. It’s marvelous to me to see Jacob bring my characters to life.

Sneak peek: working draft from Star Beauty

I’ve never thought about working in this format prior to the day Jacob suggested we try it. There are so many considerations! I’ve been doing my homework, checking out an assortment of both contemporary and older approaches. I’ve also recently read an excellent book on the subject, Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics.

We’ve decided to initially publish these as a number of “issues” in hard-copy format. Later we’ll consider putting them together as an anthology in book and digital formats. As we’re now closing in on having all our content together for the first issue, we’re working on editing (there are plenty of details to still get right), and we’re also starting to think more specifically how the final product will look – size, paper binding and so on. We’re also looking for just the right print shop for this kind of work.

Sneak peek: working draft from The Bottle & Can Concerto

We’ve also been kicking around ideas about how we will distribute the first issue. One thing I can tell you for sure is that 27th Street readers will be able to order copies through this blog. I’ll have more updates in the coming weeks. I’m really charged up about this project. It’s a great collaborative adventure and I’m really enjoying how it is developing.

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