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Squeeze Box Man is here!

I’ve been working with Jacob Yerex on a graphic novel (in 6 issues) based on my little book of stories: Squeeze Box Man: The Lazy Allen Stories. We’ve just got Issue 1 back from the printer, and I’m really charged up about it. We’re aiming to get these into some comic book stores soon and they’ll also be available from me through 27th Street.

There are no superheros, although playing accordion and concertina is kind of a super-power. It may be a comic, but Squeeze Box Man is aimed at adults and I feel I should offer up the following warning: contains spicy language, alcohol, tobacco and cannabis use, sexual content, as well as plenty of polka and punk.

Issue 1 is available for $12 (CAN) each + postage. For anyone who would like to subscribe to all 6 issues, it’s $60, a $2 per issue savings. We’re also going to have a special signed and numbered edition soon for the collectors, connoisseurs, and accordion freaks out there – COMING SOON. To get your copy of Squeeze Box Man, email:

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