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10 Albums

I was tagged on facebook for one of those memes that resurfaces from time to time – post the cover of 10 albums which had an impact on your life. I understand why these memes keep perpetuating themselves. We look for ways of understanding the world we can identify with, and I know when I was a young man, the music I listened to was a big thing.

I’m not going to post one cover a day on facebook and I’m not going to tag anyone. I think those memes are like chain letters. They aren’t as insidious as the ones that talk about some disease and imply that you’re a heartless loser unless you copy and paste and continue the chain. I simply don’t ever tag anyone with facebook memes. I will however, post 10 album covers here, just for fun.

Here are the first 10 album covers that come to mind. While these albums are, or were important to me for one reason or another, I can’t say why I picked this list tonight instead of some other list. If I made this list on 10 different days, I’m sure there would only be a small number of repeats. Maybe everyday I’d choose a different list.

The one thing I like about these sorts of lists is they are personal and subjective. My list of 10 is going to look different than your list of 10. To one person a particular piece of music might be the best thing since sliced bread, the best album in the history of albums, in the history of ever for that matter, and somebody else might listen to it and say, well that doesn’t interest me so much.

I wonder if any of these recordings resonate in any special way for you? Maybe there are some you haven’t even heard of, since these days I don’t listen to so much mainstream pop music.

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