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The Hole

The City has been replacing the water main on our entire street. This is a big job, one that takes months. They actually started prior to the Long Branch Garden Tour in June. Fortunately, there was a break in the action and the work didn’t have a great effect on the garden tour.

At this point the new lines are in and disinfected and now they’re going property to property, hooking up the new service. For us this meant the crew digging a big hole in our front yard.

While I’m not thrilled with the noisy work and the excavation, I recognize a new water main on our street is a good thing. Fortunately, the hole was just north of our biggest front garden. The grass is much easier to replace than a garden which we’ve been nurturing for several years, that’s for sure.

As I type this, the hook-up has been achieved and they’ve just filled in the hole. At some point once they hook-up the rest of the street they’ll come back and deal with damage to the lawn and so on.

They crew is also replacing a fire hydrant located in the strip of garden between our place and the folks next door on the north. Right now, both the old and new hydrants are in place. The new one is actually in a better location than the old one. The old one was very tight to my neighbour’s driveway and the new one is a foot or so back toward the centre of the garden strip. A small portion of that garden was disrupted, but we moved the key plants to another spot for now and we’ll deal with bringing that garden back to life once the work is gone.

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