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Starsky’s parking lot incident….

I do a lot of the shopping for our household, and I shop for groceries at a number of places, including 3 different grocery stores with an ethnic focus. They are Grants, which is an Asian market, Starsky’s with Polish (etc) focus, and Adonis, with a Middle Eastern focus. They’re all great places to shop.

For some time, I’ve reduced my use of those lightweight plastic grocery bags in favour of bigger, heavier-duty bags you can reuse many times. I have bought them from various different stores and so they have the branding of those stores on them. For my part, I don’t pay much attention to that. Eventually those reusable bags become disgusting and I replace them when I need to. A bag is a bag.

One day last week, I pulled into Starsky’s because I wanted to get some kielbasa for the bbq and a few other things. I normally have a bunch of bags in the back of the car, so I grabbed one and started walking to the store. This particular bag was a bright new one, with Adonis branding.

I didn’t get 10 steps before some guy shouts at me, “that’s the wrong bag to be using here”. I said, “huh?” and looked at my bag. I realized the guy had some issue with me using an Adonis bag at Starsky’s. I started to laugh, but he didn’t think it was funny. “You should always shop here. Starsky’s is the best.” So I said, “I shop at lots of different stores. They’re all pretty good in their own way”. And he said, “No. You shop Starsky. It’s the best.”

The guy was disgusted with me both because I would shop at a grocery store with a different ethnic focus and because I would bring an Adonis bag into Starsky’s. I said, “have a good day, my friend”. He walked away, shaking his head.

Go figure.


  1. Miss Polly

    I’ve been having a reusable bag issue for a few months. I have two newer bags that are kept in my purse that were gifted to me. One that folds up like strawberry and another that is from legoland in FL with all sorts of lego people heads depicted. The latter also conveniently folds up in my purse and is a nice big size! The problem is that I can never manage to get either bag to the cashier fast enough and then I am struggling to bag the things they started to put down on the belt or in the bagging area. It’s all awkward and sometimes they are even rude. I wish someone would issue a notice that says please allow the shopper a few seconds to give you their reusable bag before you start scanning their groceries and don’t act all huffy-knickers about it, please and thank you.

  2. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    You clearly need to acquire some Starskys bags and be more careful which bag you use. You are living in the Big Ugly, not Alliston. We just finished up a long weekend in which Toronto saw 17 people shot in 14 separate incidents. And that doesnt count stabbings. It looks like it doesnt take much for some guy to get annoyed these days and then the guns come out. And those guys lining up for kielbasa can get pretty testy. I wonder if there are re-useable bags that dont have advertising on them.

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