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Tuffy P in a cast

Yesterday afternoon, Tuffy P tripped out in the garden and used her right hand to break her fall, protecting herself from a head injury. Unfortunately the impact injured her right arm. I drove her over to St. Joes for an x-ray.

sign by the x-ray room

She has fractured her distal radius, apparently a common arm injury. They gave her some nasty drugs and set, or as they like to call it, reduced the break. Then they put a plaster cast on, took another x-ray and sent us home.

We were very impressed with the team at St. Joes. We went to emergency and given her injury was not as severe as some of the things ER doctors have to deal with, we feared we would have a long wait. However, it turned out we were in and out in 4 hours. The team seemed to be highly organized, experienced and dedicated.

There was a humourous moment when Tuffy P came out of the sedation. Her first groggy words were, “I’m never voting for Doug Ford!” Then she commented on the colours she was seeing from the drugs they gave her (lots of alizarin crimson) and asked the ceiling to kindly stop moving around. I think the drug which caused the reality bending was ketamine. When I broke my ankle a couple years ago they gave that to me as well, causing a different set of weird effects.

This morning we showed up at 7 for the fracture clinic. The bone guy looked at the cast and the x-ray and said they did a good job last night and nothing more needs to be done today. We were in and out of the fracture clinic in an hour. We go back in a week for another x-ray. At some point they will likely replace the plaster cast with a fiberglass one. She will need a cast for about 6 weeks.

I’m cancelling my planned trip down to the Rockbridge Festival in Virginia just after Labour Day so I can be around to provide all the support I can for Tuffy P.


  1. MIss Polly

    I am so sorry to hear about Tuffy P’s injury but glad the experience at emergency wasn’t a lengthy one. The comments about the effects of the medication reminded me of once when I took expired Tylenol 3 for back pain thinking “these expiry dates aren’t all that important. “At one point I put my head down on a table in a meeting and whispered to my friend Jennifer “they’re trying to poison us through the vents”
    I don’t take expired medication under any circumstances since lol
    I am going to make some jam soon. I’ll drop some in your book box . Hope Tuffy P isn’t in pain and the healing passes quickly.

    • She is experiencing a little pain, but not so severe that she’s resorted to the stronger pain meds. Every day is one day closer to the cast coming off. Thanks Miss Polly.

  2. Oh ouch! That kind of fall is my nightmare. Once healing is underway, be sure to massage across and along the top of the forearm just below the elbow — that muscle takes a hit with a radial head break. Arnica oil helps too. My massage mentor had this injury once and actually went back to work one handed. ACK!

  3. vintageclark

    Sorry to hear of the garden accident! So maddening!!Had a similar shock on my first skate after decades of no skating in 2000. Fell at City Hall rink within minutes–luckily a hairline wrist fracture–and with a cast I was able to still head off to NYC on my own for poster business. Good luck, Sheila, with your healing and sounds like you have the perfect nurse to assist!

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