1. vox kadavergehorsamkeit

    Interesting video. The kill of Kato’s stones was enormous. Of the 62 stones Kato still had on the board (of 64 or more) Fujizawa captured 34 of them. i had thought for a while that Kato might have been able to save the portion of his stones in the upper right if it was his move, for he would have had an extra liberty. But Kato would have had to spend two extra moves, backfilling to allow the safe filling of a mutual neutral space.

    i was a little bit confused regarding his philosophy of having to become a better person in order to become a better player. Did the video not start off with his admission that his personal life was a mess with gambling debts and the like? Perhaps Fujizawa was saying that he could have been a stronger player had he gotten his personal life in order.

    • Go (wei chi in China or baduk in Korea) has few rules but is endlessly complex. I’ve been playing for many years. It is beautiful, intellectually satisfying, vexing, frustrating and at times poetic. You can play over the board or you can play online, free, with people from all over the world on various servers.

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