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Tasty September Mushrooms

Lobster mushroom

Two choice edible wild mushroom currently fruiting in my area are lobsters and hedgehogs.


Lobster mushrooms occur as a result of a cup fungus attacking a host mushroom. There are two hosts, both unpalatable white mushrooms. Once attacked, the white mushrooms often become contorted and they turn the colour of cooked lobster shells – and they become a choice edible.

Hedgehogs are one of two species which are very similar. They are tan to orangy-tan and they have distinctive teeth underneath the cap.

Lobster – Hypomyces lactifluorun

Lobsters are often partially obscured by leaves and other forest duff.

I’ve been familiar with these mushrooms for some years and I’m confident in my identification when I pick some for the table. My rule is that if I cannot identify mushrooms with certainty I won’t eat them. We have some mushrooms around here that are deadly and plenty of others that are sickeners.

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