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Those of you who are enjoying The Agency Podcast that Candy Minx and I have been cooking up (the second episode is up and you can now subscribe at iTunes or listen here)- can find other related materials and perspectives on this blog, on Candy’s blog, on our Agency Podcast Facebook page (we’ve even started a Facebook group) as well as on Instagram. These other places offer an opportunity for us to post pictures or videos or notes after the fact, and provide additional colour to the episode.

I’m finding making these podcasts to be a tremendous adventure. While each of us goes into each session with some ideas about what we want to talk about, I don’t think either Candy or I can predict where each conversation is going to lead us, especially since we don’t even tell one another what topics we plan to introduce. Going into the first recording I was nervous and I think Candy was too. I felt much more relaxed going into the second episode, even as we navigated some technical trials and tribulations.

Some additional notes. The intro and ending music bits are from the Old Time tradition, played by me solo on clawhammer banjo. We’re putting the sound file together using Garage Band on my Mac. This allows me to add multiple tracks which I can move around, and as well, I can fade any of the tracks in and out. The actual conversation file is recorded using the native recording feature on Skype (so far), but I’m looking into other ways of going about this which might improve the sound quality some. If any readers have suggestions, I’d be happy to take a look at them.

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