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Recording Day

Today Candy Minx and I will record Episode 3 of our new podcast, The Agency. When we recorded the first one, I was somewhat nervous, worried both about achieving an interesting podcast, as well as one with reasonable sound quality. By last week, I was much more relaxed, and I think you can hear that in the episode. I hope you’ve enjoyed The Agency so far, and you stay with us for our weekly podcast.

Our goal is to record on Tuesdays and do any post-production work Wednesday and have it uploaded by Wednesday evening or Thursday morning at latest. The way it works is we upload a sound file to a host. The host provides us with an RSS feed and iTunes picks up the feed soon after it is created.

As an aside, this week we’re going to try recording a different way. Instead of using the native Skype call-recorder we’re going to try a 3rd party recorder which attaches to Skype. This allows us to create separate tracks for Candy and I. When I drop the tracks into Garageband, I can then make adjustments to either or both of the tracks as needed. This just gives us a bit more post-production flexiblility.

I record the music for The Agency on my banjo in the clawhammer style. The opening theme is a traditional Old Time tune called Sandy Boys. I’ve been choosing other traditional pieces to play for the ending music. So far we haven’t had a need for other music in the body of the podcast, but if we do, I’ll record that too. Garageband enables me to fade music in and out of the podcast at will, and I can record right here at my computer directly to Garageband using my USB mic.

Podcast lovers can find The Agency on iTunes – as well, when Episode 3 is up, I’ll provide a direct link here at 27th Street.

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