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Humber Bay

As a young adult, I had a summer and part time job in the Humber Bay area, working as the evening guy (I was the only employee on site) at an old motel, which was part of a strip of motels along that part of the lake shore. Those motels are all gone now, replaced by condos.

The trade-off for having a relentless strip of condos along the lake was the development of land-fill parkland on the lake side of the new buildings, including two large parks, known today as Humber Bay East and Humber Bay West.

The area has become considerably naturalized and is now a great spot to go for a nature walk, look at birds and butterflies, or take photos. I’ve seen coyotes, peregrine falcon, great blue heron, black-crowned night heron, and many migrating songbirds.

My City from Humber Bay

This morning, I enjoyed a good walk at Humber Bay. My American friends may not be aware this past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving, and we enjoyed 2 large dinners with family and friends. Some exercise was in order.

It was cool but sunny this morning, perfect for a walk, yet I only came across a few people out enjoying this beautiful lakeside area. Today they were mostly people out walking with their dogs. Some days at Humber Bay I see the tell-tale binoculars and long camera lenses of birders.

Sea Buckthorn

I feel really fortunate to live in a city with some really fantastic parkland. In the area around where we live, to the east, Sam Smith Park, Humber Bay and High Park. To the west there is Marie Curtis Park, Etobicoke Creek, various parks along the lake shore in Mississauga, Cawthra Woods.

Bull thistle in seed

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