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Sparrow Housing Renovations

Work is finally underway on some critical house sparrow nesting boxes – after the local Backyard Sparrow Association called in the nesting inspector and threatened to start tweeting on the subject. Representatives would not confirm that a petition has been sent directly to the mayor’s office. Rumours have abounded that the landlord had no intention of initiating the renos at all and in fact had a secret plan to raze the building and sever the lot.

The inspection revealed numerous violations that needed to be addressed. When finally contacted, the landlord said the local contractors have been booked solid. “I finally had a general contractor and a structural engineer on site the other day. The truth is, these units need to be rebuilt, but we’re held up at Committee. Crews are starting immediately on some stopgap measures to keep things comfortable for the sparrows for one more season”.

A representative from the Backyard Sparrow Association welcomes the renovation work. “We have a big squirrel problem”, she said. “Our doorways need to be bolstered. And the flooding has been terrible after every rainstorm. I can’t tell you how many times this year we’ve had to sit on wet nests. This has to be fixed right away!”

The property owner has promised new units will be built after the 2020 nesting season. “We’re taking into account the feedback we’re received from the association. We understand there are families nesting here and their comfort is our number 1 priority”.


  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    The landlord’s response is typical of Liberal smoke and mirrors promises. That is where they promise 6 new birdhouses over 10 years to make tenants think they are going to fix the problem right away but in reality it just keeps getting put off. The Backyard Sparrow Association wants their units repaired or replaced before the 2020 nesting season not after and I have heard that they plan to contact Greta Thunberg as well as the assorted teachers unions to help pressure the landlord into action. We can expect to see thousands of protesters blocking 27th street carrying signs and chanting ‘down with slum landlords’ and ‘teachers – partners in your bird’s education’. Greta says ‘If you choose to fail us we will never forgive you’.

    • Renos are completed….units to be rented out as short term Air B&B until nesting season begins. Then it’s first come first served for cleaned up units. Crack team of architects developing plans for new smart community. Free wifi for all sparrows!

  2. vintageclark

    Sounds like you are well connected to a good team with a local general contractor and a structural engineer! Meantime the landlord will hopefully not threaten to increase the monthly rent as the land value escalates. Have you heard about Le Select Bistro’s dilemma?

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