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Mosaics with Seniors

This morning, Sheila and I facilitated a mosaics activity with a few elderly residents at a long term care centre. The residents worked on two butterfly mosaics.

We pre-cut the butterfly shapes and also pre-cut a selection of broken crockery along with other items like big buttons.

The ladies got a good start on the mosaics. We’ll return in a week for another session. When completed their colourful creations will hang in the facility.

We really enjoyed sharing our experience making mosaics and I hope we were able to provide a fun and stimulating session for all those who participated.

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  1. vintageclark

    Great idea! I will share this with our mosaicist friend in France–who has recently volunteered over an 18 month period and succeeded with a community project of a large wall mural in her small town.

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