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Tearing off the Back of the House

Tearing off the Back of the House is the latest episode of The Agency Podcast. You can hear it on our (newly revamped) Podbean page or find us at iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Google Play and Tune-in.

This episode includes a discussion with Toronto artist Jacob Yerex about his illustration work on the Squeeze Box Man graphic novel, which (shameless self-promotion alert) is written by me. Jacob and I are in the editing stages on our 3rd volume of this comic – it will go to the printer in the next couple weeks.

When I began researching how to go about making a podcast, videos I read about the importance of the right studio set-up, the perfect microphone and so on. We’ll get to that. Meanwhile, we’ve recorded in a chicken coop, a funky tearoom with a secret door, and a Thai restaurant. Today we added a new twist with a construction crew tearing off the back of Candy and Stagg’s apartment while we happily jabbered away.

I hope you enjoy this episode.

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