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Squeeze Box Man Volume 3 is in

The third volume of stories from the graphic novel Squeeze Box Man is in and I’m super-excited to see them. This is a huge issue, bar far our biggest – 74 pages. Jacob Yerex has once again done a fabulous job bringing my characters to life!

These comics are available through me – just email me at: and I’d be happy to get a copy out to you. Copies are $12 each + $3/copy to cover postage. I’ll let everyone know when we get some copies into a retail setting.

The first story in this issue is Barbara – a story about Lazy Allen’s late wife, a sculptor who made massive earthworks, carved out of the landscape. The second story, called Boneyard is all about the New Polka Kings’ first big gig and how it almost didn’t happen. The third story is called Jerzy the Rounder. Lazy shares his memories of a kid he grew up with – a kid Lazy knew was trouble from early on – who ended up leading the local union at The Bottle & Can. The final story in this set is Wildcat, all about a tragic misunderstanding that leads to a violent wildcat strike at The Bottle & Can.

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