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I hopped into Hobie’s magic bus and we barrelled down the QEW toward Hamilton and a visit to the Art Gallery of Hamilton. There are a couple exhibitions that interest me up right now. One is This is Serious: Canadian Indie Comics and the other is Reinhard Reitzenstein’s residency at the gallery.

We started downstairs at the comic show. This exhibition is big and national in scope. There was an overwhelming amount of high quality work on display. I found it difficult at times to focus on reading individual comics in the exhibition context, but I was able to get a taste of what each of these artists were up to. I purchased a catalog while I was there so I can have a closer look at some of the works in the exhibition and have a reference point for seeking out more of their work later.

Upstairs, it was great to see that Reinhard was in the gallery. Sheila and I know Reinhard, but it’s been quite a few years since we’ve seen him. Where do the years go? Reinhard took us through the exhibition. I really enjoyed talking to him about the work in the show but also catching up, chatting about all sorts of things. Before we left, another fellow I knew from way back came into the gallery. I know Ihor from a summer I worked at the Harbourfront Art Gallery in the early 80s, before it became the Power Plant. It was good to see both these guys.

Hobie had a lunch spot in mind for somewhat upscale burgers and fries. I gave the waiter business card for The Agency Podcast, and learned he is a musician. He jotted down some coordinates to a place I could hear his music. I’m looking forward to checking it out.

This evening, Sheila and I went to the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts – we had tickets to see Maceo Parker and his fabulous band. Maceo came with a really tight band – drums, keyboards, guitar, bass, trombone, a back-up singer, and Maceo on sax and later in the show, some flute and keyboards as well.

The last time we saw Maceo Parker live, he was touring with Prince and it was a big arena show. It was great to see him in the Oakville Centre’s more intimate setting.

What a full day!

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