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An evening with old friends at Agio

We enjoyed a lovely dinner and an evening of stories and great conversation tonight in our old neighbourhood – at Agio, on St. Clair, with our old friends Claude and Ardis Breeze. We’ve known them since the early 80s, when Claude was one of our painting instructors at York University.

Agio is a really good hole in the wall Italian eatery. It’s run by a South Korean fellow who lived and cooked in Italy for years. I think his Italian is better than his English! We loved both the vibe and the great food at this place. Dinner was cooked with care and beautiful fresh ingredients. Sheila and I recommend it for an excellent mid-priced Italian dinner in a really relaxed atmosphere. Chef Marino came out and chatted with us for a while as we were finishing dinner. He’s a most interesting fellow with a great positive spirit and a fine sense of humour.

Agio is located on the south side of St. Clair, just west of Lansdowne.

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