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The Tulip

The Tulip, a Toronto diner/steakhouse which has been around for 90 years, has closed. They posted the following on Facebook: “Unfortunately, business conditions have changed regarding our lease agreement in ways we can no longer accommodate, and we have been left with no choice.”

I used to work in that east-end neighbourhood some years ago, and had quite a few steak sandwiches at The Tulip back in the day. Not so long ago, I dropped in for lunch with my friend Hobie. We had been on a nature walk at near-by Ashbridges Bay, and when we considered where to get a bite to eat, I remembered the Tulip. It was pretty much as I remembered it. I’m glad we had a chance to lunch there before they closed.

I wonder what happened? Has condo-fever reached that area? If so, there will be a lot of small businesses in trouble in the area in the next few years.


  1. Ken Syinide

    Untenable rent issue, same thing took out Meat on the Beach and you may know by now that Murphy’s Law, Brett’s Ice Cream, the car wash and the Days Inn are all coming down for a townhouse or condo development. More to follow I’m sure

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