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The Tender Trap

The latest episode of The Agency Podcast is called The Tender Trap. From invincible masters and nuclear disasters to fiercely independent directors, stirred up with plenty of spice.

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  1. StephenBrassawe

    Excellent, entertaining episode, Eugene. With your resolve to explore the work of John Cassavetes, you are about to undertake an extraordinary journey, my friend. I actually envy your experience of seeing those films for the first time.

    Of course the title of the episode caught my eye. The Tender Trap was the place and world class but eccentric saxophonist J.R. Montrose was the man who brought about my life-long addiction to jazz at a tender age. At the time J.R. had come to town earning a buck playing sax with a pop group called Jay and the Americans at a local ballroom. He could not stand that anymore and jumped ship in Cedar Rapids. (My pal, jazz pianist Eddie Piccard, tells that whole story in such entertaining fashion.) Candy did a fine, succinct job of capturing my own story with one small omission. The old recording, “Live at the Tender Trap,” that she listened to here includes two tracks featuring vocals by a very young U. of I. student, unknown at the time, named Al Jarreau.

    • If you’re going to have a life-long addiction, jazz is a pretty fine choice, Steve. Thanks for sharing the story. I’d love to listen to Live at the Tender Trap one day.

      • StephenBrassawe

        Better than heroin, I suppose . . . but not much . . . because of the places it leads you to get your next fix.

  2. StephenBrassawe

    Hi, Eugene. Usually listen via Apple Podcast or iTunes, but this episode does not seem to be up yet. I shall be patient. And looking forward to hearing something about Hanoi.

    • Although you would think the good folks at iTunes would be waiting with baited breath to grab each new episode the second it is published but apparently it isn’t so. Rumour has it that they have bots which go out and look for RSS feeds that are signed up, but sometimes the bots stop for coffee and get into all kinds of trouble along the way. We’ve seen episodes show up very quickly, but sometimes it takes a few hours. Thank you for your patience my friend. In the meantime, please listen to The Savoy Family Band squeeze out some Port Arthur Blues.

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