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Banh Gio for Breakfast

I saw a sign for banh gio at the corner of an alley – convenient for people to stop on their motorbikes to grab something to go. There were only a couple tables and a few blue plastic stools, made for someone half my size. Banh gio was their only food offering.

These are like pork buns, with the addition of some whole quail eggs and a few noodles. The lady running the place had no English, but she offered me what turned out to be a glass of coconut milk by holding up a jug of it. The banh gio was steaming hot and so tasty. Hot sauce added some punch and a bit of acidity. The coconut milk, something I haven’t had in many years, was perfect with it.

I finished up and gestured with 1 finger for another. Breakfast was inexpensive, under 2 bucks. After, I made my way to a nearby cafe I knew was open early, for a coffee. I love the coffee here. I’ve taken to having it black with a bit of sugar. Now, I’m set for the day. I’m going to walk north to the West Lake area shortly.

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