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Hanoi waking up

My sleep pattern is still a little messed up with the 12 hour time difference. Just like when Sheila and I were here 2 years ago, I awoke at 3 AM, and stayed up for half an hour before dozing off again. It was drizzling… Read More

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Crunchy Granola

I like granola for breakfast, but I got tired of buying mediocre overpriced granola. I thought, hey I bet it’s easy to make your own. Turns out it is and it’s spectacular. Mine has oatmeal, bran, flax meal, wheat germ, 3 kinds of nuts, 2… Read More

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Around the Corner

I don’t get out for breakfast very often, but this morning I met up with my old friend A for a leisurely breakfast at Around the Corner, down the road in New Toronto. We were on our own as Tuffy P was working on a… Read More