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Breakfast, and the Cathedral

I continue to enjoy early morning walks in Hanoi, watching the city come alive. Today I headed for Pho 10, a bricks and mortor soup place I’ve heard is excellent.

A few customers were already eating at 6:30 am, and by the time I left it was nearly full. The place is bright and clean and serves only pho bo, beef noodle soup. There are a few versions. I got mine with brisket and half cooked beef.

The hot sauce, which looks like it house made, packs a punch. I also squeezed in lime and added a wee bit of garlic in vinegar.

The pho here is pricey compared to the little sidewalk joints, but it was an excellent bowl, and as a bonus they had comfortable wooden chairs. Breakfast here set me back about $3.50.

Afer breakfast I walked down to see St Joseph’s cathedral, which was beautiful in the early morning light.

I continued on and came to a beautiful example of French Colonial architecture, surrounded by a green garden.

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