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New Tim Noonan Paintings

Our old friend Tim Noonan has an exhibition on right now at Yumart Gallery at 401 Richmond. I was unable to attend the opening event as I was in Hanoi, so I trundled down to see Tim’s new paintings today.

Tim has produced another high-energy, high-chroma set of paintings. From the gallery website: “My current exhibition consists of abstract paintings inspired by the city, gardens and landscape. I have experimented with thickness and viscosity by utilizing brushes, palette knives, scraping and squeezed from the tube techniques to create visually dense surfaces. The balanced contrasts, atmospheres and moods are energized by my explorations of colour, shapes, lines and a vigorous paint application.”

This time around, Tim has also been working with oil paints on some of these canvases as well as the acrylics he has been painting with as long as I’ve known him. I see this exhibition as one brimming with positive painterly energy.

The show is on for another week. If you’re in the Spadina and Richmond area of Toronto, stop by Yumart at 401 Richmond for a look.

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