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Act Naturally- getting ready for Grimstock 2020

Tuffy P here – there has been a tradition for many years in our home on 27th street – to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with an Irish/Polish feast pulled together by Mr. Anchovy and a pile of painters who also happen to be great friends. The meal always ends with impromptu music after supper.

This year, it so happens that Stan Repar is getting ready to play a high school festival with bandmates later this spring. I volunteered to muster up some one-off T-shirts painted with a ‘Grimstock’ theme. (Named in part for the town Grimsby – where the band will reunite). Last night- the shirts came out for their debut. It didn’t take long for Stan to don a shirt, tune up a guitar, and settle in.

Take a listen to Stan Repar, in his version of Buck Owen’s, Act Naturally (originally recorded in 1963). On shakers, the fabulous Ardis Breeze. Also in accompaniment, back-up singer & shaker – Claude Breeze with Tim Noonan on percussion. Guest dog : George.


  1. Bruno Facchin

    I’ve never seen a pile of painters. I hope the pile isnt too big . I see no dates or event info

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